Pipetop has unfortunately shut down. Check out the new product the team is working on.

About Pipetop

Modern sales and marketing intelligence for progressive B2B organizations.

Pipetop is a modern sales and marketing intelligence tool that helps vendors that sell to e-commerce businesses find relevant leads. Moreover, we equip them with contextual information that significantly improves their sales efficiency.

5 Reasons why we love this problem:

  1. Sales managers are under pressure: there is a lot of pressure on sales managers to make their outbound processes more efficient.
  2. There is tons of unnecessary sales waste: sales teams spend enormous amount of time researching prospects and contacting wrong leads.
  3. Traditional “lead list” providers suck: legacy “lead list” vendors offer outdated, badly categorized and mostly irrelevant data.
  4. Web offers new ways of lead qualification: modern web-based signals (technology in use, website visitors, ad spend) give us much better contextual businesses information.
  5. Sales teams deserve modern tools: sales teams have long been left in the darkness and haven’t seen big advances in their daily workflow.

Pipetop's vision

Our vision is to index and connect companies of the world.

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The Team behind Pipetop

The team

The idea behind Pipetop comes from our previous work experience and pains with traditional sales development process.

Our team is uniquely positioned to tackle the problem we face at Pipetop: we are a team of engineers that share the passion for marketing and sales.

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The investors

Pipetop is backed by Founders, a “company that creates companies that can significantly shape their respective industries”.

Founders is a group of talented engineers, designers and business development professionals that is fast becoming the most progressive startup institution in Denmark.

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You are minutes away from a qualified sales pipeline

With Pipetop, your team can stop losing time on the wrong leads.