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Case 1: E-commerce product recommendation engine

With Pipetop's help successfully moved from an opportunistic sales model to a scalable one:

  • Improved sales performance: by 28%,
  • Contact-to-demo conversion rate improvement: by 34%.
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"Pipetop enabled us to save a lot of time by focusing our sales efforts on the right set of companies that were a perfect fit for us."

"Pipetop is our go-to partner to quickly expand to new markets and improve the quality and focus of our current sales pipeline."

Case 2: Email service provider

With Pipetop's help started an outbound sales process in addition to inbound initiatives:

  • Enabled new market expansion: 5 new markets,
  • Improved growth rate: 19% month-over-month.
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Case 3: E-commerce fulfillment provider

With Pipetop's data equiped its Nordic sales team and reached important sales goals:

  • Improved sales efficiency: increased by 18% (Nordic team),
  • Quick implementation: started in a day.
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