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General questions

Is Pipetop meant to be used by individual sales reps or by sales managers?

Pipetop is designed to smoothen your sales team’s current workflow, and not to introduce yet another tool for the busy sales reps.

That’s why Pipetop is primarily used by sales managers.

Sales managers use Pipetop to find the most relevant companies to contact and import the information into their primary CRM. This way, we make sure the sales reps are better equipped to do their job while not changing their current workflow.

How does Pipetop obtain company information?

We use “Google-like” web crawlers to gather raw company domain data. Once we have company domains, we employ big data and machine learning algorithms to build up rich company profiles from publicly available company data.

Furthermore, we employ a dedicated team of manual company researchers to ensure best possible data quality. The team’s job is to verify and enrich automatically gathered information with human precision and experience.

Which company attributes do you currently track?

Currently we automatically and manually track & verify 31 company attributes - you can see them all here.

Which organization categories do you currently cover?

We’ve decided to built Pipetop's own categorization taxonomy. Our goal is to be able to know what an organization does extremely quickly: simply by seeing the name and its Pipetop category.

You can find our whole categorization tree here.

Which countries do you currently support?

We currently cover companies in more than 20 countries. See them all here.

Why are you not covering more verticals and more countries?

Our first priority is to ensure highest possible company data quality. For this reason, we are tirelessly working on improving our current dataset and adding more verticals and countries.

If you have a specific vertical or country request, please email us on info@pipetop.com.

How often do you update the data?

We update critical company information on a daily basis.

Our mission is to be the go-to place for company information, so we are constantly striving to improve our update cycle.

Do you provide information on decision makers?

Yes, we enable you to find decision makers via our Chrome Extension (and then help you find their work emails). Learn more

Alternatively, you can simply specify the target decision maker titles and we find the right contacts and their emails automatically. Learn more

Does Pipetop have an API?

We have an API in private beta phase.

If you are interested in it, please email us on sales@pipetop.com and we can talk about a possible integration.

Does Pipetop work with SalesLoft Platform?

Yes, Pipetop is a great complement to SalesLoft Platform and an alternative to their legacy SalesLoft Prospector.

It helps you find and pre-qualify the right companies/accounts, seek the right decision makers and their emails and then import everything into SalesLoft Platform.

CRM Export questions

What CRM vendors do you support natively?

We currently support dedicated exports for following CRMs:

How should I import leads into my CRM that is not currently supported by Pipetop?

It’s usually pretty simple.

Here’s our recommended 3-step process:

  • Export companies from Pipetop in the default Pipetop format.
  • Go to your CRM and find the import functionality. Most often, you’ll be able to find your CRM specific import template there. Download it.
  • Examine the import template and compare the header field names with Pipetop’s default header field names. Change the header field names in Pipetop’s .csv file to reflect the import template header field names.

What should I be careful when importing leads into my CRM?

We’ve experienced problems with opening Pipetop’s exported .csv files in some versions of Microsoft Excel. Excel auto-adjusts the phone field (strips away the leading “+”), which might cause problems with some CRM importers.

For the reason above, we recommend making changes to the Pipetop’s default header file names in normal text editors (TextEdit on Mac and Notepad on Windows).

What should I pay attention when importing Pipetop companies into one of the supported CRMs?

The prepared templates work simply by uploading them directly from Pipetop. In case you want to change the default header field names, feel free to do it in an editor of choice (we advise against using Excel for this purpose).

Base CRM import tips

  1. Please note: once the import is done you have to confirm each field that you want imported (even if they’ve been automatically mapped).
  2. Custom fields can be created at import time.

Close.io import tips

  1. Custom fields can be created at import time.
  2. Great automatic option to create new custom fields based on the Pipetop header fields.

Pipedrive import tips

  1. Only name and address are mappable by default.
  2. Check the “Exclude the first row” checkbox so you don’t import the column label names as companies.
  3. Custom fields can be created at import time.

Pipeline Deals import tips

  1. Custom fields can’t be created at import time. We advise you to create custom fields that you think you might want to import from Pipetop before the import.

Salesforce import tips

  1. Custom fields can’t be created at import time. We advise you to create custom fields that you think you might want to import from Pipetop before the import.

SugarCRM import tips

  1. Custom fields can be created at import time.
  2. Be careful if you’re changing the sequence of fields before importing into SugarCRM. The importer seems to be very sensitive of the right header field sequence; the default Pipetop exported header sequence should work.

Zoho CRM import tips

  1. Custom fields can’t be created at import time. We advise you to create custom fields that you think you might want to import from Pipetop before the import.

I still can’t get my import to work - what should I do?

If you’ve tried everything above and your CRM’s helpdesk can’t help you solve your problem, feel free to contact us on sales@pipetop.com and we’ll do our best to help.

Paid plans questions

Do I need to sign a contract to start using Pipetop?

Not at all. Simply input your credit card details and you are ready to start providing your sales team with data-qualified prospects.

How do you find the perfect decision makers automatically?

You issue a request for contacts within Pipetop (you specify ideal titles you normally look for).

In the background thousands of our workers are scouring the web and making sure you get back the right contacts in minimum time.

Why do I need companies if I only want contacts?

Great question! In the end, we are all only interested in contacts.

But in order to get to the right contacts, we first need to identify which companies/accounts are really qualified to purchase the product. Pipetop technology helps you do just that.

I am missing a feature - who should I talk to?

We are hard at work constantly improving our service and we would love to hear your feedback.

You’re more than welcome to email us on info@pipetop.com or tweet us at @pipetophq.

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