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1. Segment Companies via Modern Filters

Filter by Categories: From Retail, E-commerce, Software, Creative Agencies and all the way to Local Businesses. See all company categories.

Filter by Technologies: Segment by 100s of different technologies: Analytics, Ad Tech, E-Commerce, Marketing Automation, etc. See all technologies.

Filter by 20 Other Targeting Options: Segment by Adwords spend, Social Media signals (FB, Twitter, etc.), Hiring, Blogging info... See all filters.

2. Select or Get Ideal Contacts

Manual Contact Selection: Install Pipetop Chrome extension, find ideal contacts within Linkedin and send them to Pipetop. We then automatically find emails for you. See how it works.

Automatic Contact Finding: Specify your ideal titles and our manual research team finds the most suitable contacts. They magically appear within Pipetop with their work emails. See how it works.

3. Get Contacts' Work Emails

Automatically get more than 70% of Emails: Based on our extensive company information and web crawling algorithms, we are able to find more than 70% of all work-related email addresses. Never hunt for emails again.

Easily import prospects into your CRM

Your Pipetop leads - in the CRM: Define your market segment and import new prospects into your CRM via our CSV file integrations with the leading CRM providers. Learn more about our current CRM import integrations.

Coming soon: We are working on a deeper Salesforce integration that will enable Pipetop to sync with your CRM and automatically update your old information and import new records.

You are minutes away from a qualified sales pipeline

With Pipetop, your team can stop losing time on the wrong leads.