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Basic Company & Contact Information

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Attribute Comment
Country Filter by one of more than 20 countries.
Category Deep, 3-level categorization.
Phone A few of them main, public company phone numbers.
Emails A few of the official, public company emails.

Company Size Information Filters

Filters that help us determine size and importance of companies.

Attribute Comment
Website Traffic Filter by one of more than 20 countries.
Pipetop Score General importance score of a company (from 0 to 100).
Adwords Spend What's their estimated monthly Adwords spend?
No. of Employees How many employees do they have?

Social Media Information Filters

Filters that help us analyze companies' social media presence.

Attribute Comment
Facebook What's the Facebook page? How many likes?
Linkedin What's the Linkedin Company page?
Instagram What's the Instagram profile? How many followers?
Twitter What's the Twitter profile? How many followers?
YouTube What's the Youtube profile? How many subscribers? How many videos?

Company Technology Filters

Filters that tell us what technologies companies are using.

Attribute Comment
E-commerce Technology Is it an e-commerce company? What kind of shopping cart technology do they use?
CMS Technology
Advertising Technology
Analytics Technology
Marketing Automation Technology
Customer Support Technology
Payment Processor Technology
Tag Manager Technology
Widgets Used
Web Frameworks Used
Programming Language Used

Other Company Filters

Other useful filters that help us see hiring and blogging practices of companies.

Attribute Comment
Hiring Filters Do they have a hiring/careers page? Are they using an applicant tracking system? How many open positions do they have currently?
Content Marketing Filters Do they have a blog? What technology is it built on? How often do they blog?

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