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Prospecting Packages for Every Sales Team

Choose between companies and companies with contacts.
The bigger the package, the better the price.

($1.2 / full company profile)

250 data-qualified companies.
Great for customers that don't need direct contacts for prospecting.

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Companies + Emails
($2.6 / contact+email)

250 profiles of data-qualified companies. Each company with 1 custom contact(s) with associated work emails.

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Data quality assurance: all plans include human and automation verified data on consumer brands, e-commerce and modern software companies.

Have questions about our paid plans?

Do I need to sign a contract to start using Pipetop?

Not at all. Simply input your credit card details and you are ready to start providing your sales team with data-qualified prospects.

How do you find the perfect decision makers automatically?

You issue a request for contacts within Pipetop (you specify ideal titles you normally look for).

In the background thousands of our workers are scouring the web and making sure you get back the right contacts in minimum time.

Why do I need companies if I only want contacts?

Great question! In the end, we are all only interested in contacts.

But in order to get to the right contacts, we first need to identify which companies/accounts are really qualified to purchase the product. Pipetop technology helps you do just that.

I am missing a feature - who should I talk to?

We are hard at work constantly improving our service and we would love to hear your feedback.

You’re more than welcome to email us on info@pipetop.com or tweet us at @pipetophq.

Have more questions? Please check out our general FAQ.

You are minutes away from a qualified sales pipeline

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