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1. Export companies from Pipetop in the format of your CRM

Tools needed: Pipetop

Select the companies that you want to export within your Export Queue (or Company Archive, if you have exported them previously). Then select your CRM from the modal window and you'll receive the .csv export formatted and ready for import into your CRM.

You can find more detailed instructions for how to export companies from Pipetop in our FAQ section.

2. Import companies into your CRM

Tools needed: CRM system

After you've exported the companies from Pipetop, open up your CRM and find the bulk company import feature.

CRM systems handle importing companies in various ways: some require that you create the new company fields before-hand, some let you create new fields "on-the-fly" and some even suggest new fields automatically.

If you need some help with it, check our specific CRM importing tips.

3. Find the right people to contact on Linkedin

Tools needed: Linkedin, Excel / Google Sheets

At Pipetop, we believe your team knows best what type of persons to target - simply click on the provided Pipetop Linkedin link in your CRM and look for the right person.

Quick tips for a better process:

  1. Create a separate spreadsheet (you can base is on the Pipetop export),
  2. Have 3 columns in the spreadsheet: full name of the person you find on Linkedin, domain name of the company and the title of the person,
  3. Go through all the companies on Linkedin that you want to target and fill up the spreadsheet (if you are basing

If you are basing the spreadsheet on the Pipetop Export: delete all the columns except the domain name and Linkedin company link. Then add 2 columns: person name and person title. Now, you can use this spreadsheet to quickly go through your whole list of the companies exported from Pipetop.

4. Use VoilaNorbert to find direct emails

Tools needed: VoilaNorbert

If you've followed the steps in the previous point, you now have a spreadsheet that can be easily enriched with your prospects' email addresses via a nice little tool called Voila Norbert.

2 ways to get to emails via Voila Norbert:

  1. You can search for single emails (example below),
  2. or you can upload the list from the previous point and have it enriched automatically via its Massive Tool.

5. Use these 2 tricks to find the rest of the emails

Tools needed: Rapportive, Gmail

While automatic email finding tools (like VoilaNorbert) are great, they usually take us up to 60% email coverage. So the natural question is: how to find more of the emails?

Here are 2 tricks that can help you find the rest of the emails "manually":

  1. Install Rapportive browser extension; with it installed you can then within your Gmail account "guess" the most common email patterns - if the email is correct, the profile information of your prospect appears on the right side of the browser window.

  2. Very similiar to the tactic above, you can try different email patterns within your Gmail and hover over them - in case of a "hit", Google will show you some meta information of the prospect.

Please note: It's impossible to find every single email. Combining VoilaNorbert and the 2 tricks above normally gives us internally about 90% email coverage.

6. Use Reply to speed up the outbound sales campaigns

Tools needed: Reply

At this point you know who you want to target and most of their email addresses. Because the initial email outreach and subsequent follow-ups can be quite boring, it's wise to help yourself with a tool like Reply.

Reply enables you to streamline this boring process, create personalized email templates and have it handle the follow-ups automatically. Once you get a reply, you can continue the conversation from within your normal email client.

That's it - happy selling!

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